Personalised. Structured. Focused.

We begin by gathering information and data on each child’s interests, learning style and current academic level to tailor a personalised approach.

We structure our tutoring sessions to meet each child’s individual learning goals and are aligned with the current school curriculum.

We set weekly tasks so that students are consistently practising their focus skills and work with them to complete current homework by the deadline whilst liaising with parents.

We communicate with your child’s teacher to ensure that the relevant academic outcome is the focus.

We believe the best chance a child has at succeeding involves building a strong educational foundation which is supported by their Tutor, Teacher and Parent.

Our Tutors

Our team of Tutors are registered teachers, academic lecturers, pre-service teachers and university students with extensive experience in the Education Sector. We have experience in teaching students with Autism, ADHD, Intellectual Disabilities, Developmental Delays, Speech Difficulties and Challenging Behaviour.

Our Students

We welcome all students and are able to cater to select VCE subjects. Whether students are academically challenged and require additional support or whether they’re striving to extend their skills, we can work with you and your child to tailor individual lessons to help achieve your goals.

Our Packages

There are a range of packages starting at 45 minute intervals to 60 minutes. We offer bulk packaging of tutoring sessions at a discount or pay-as-you-go options to suit various budgets.

Educate to Elevate Academy

Children aren’t just the future, they’re the present.

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